Free Psychic Reading By Email

Free Psychic Reading By Email

Psychic, a person who claims to use extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses, involving telepathy or clairvoyance. Although, there is a no scientific reasoning for abilities that a psychic may or may not possess, people still believe in them.

A few psychics who are renowned in this field are Edgar Cayce, Ingo Swann, Peter Hurkos and so on.

You can’t just ask anyone for a psychic reading online. The so called psychic should be reputed and should hold credibility of their work. There are many online services which offer those services charging a significant amount of money. I’d not recommend paying and using these services since there are genuine free ones with limited questions for you.

Free Psychic Reading By Email

There are different types of readings done in psychic. I can differentiate them into 3 or 4 categories.

Tarot readings, love readings, astrology readings and dream analysis are some of the most common ones used online.

There are multiple websites who offer free services for a limited period of time post which they charge you. Certain websites don’t charge anything and also send your psychic results to your email free of cost.

We will discuss about some of the best psychic websites and their options for the current year 2017.

Psychic source

Most respected and credible website Psychic source has some genuine psychics. New users would get a free 30 minute pass to talk to one of their best Psychics and provide multiple payment options too.

Services offered:

Astrology, tarot readings, love psychics, dream interpretation and past life readings

Chat and phone Psychics are available 24/7.

Emailing the Psychic results will be sent to the customers.

A screening process for Psychics will filter the best ones to be on the website.


Another website available for psychics, independent psychics can enroll here to provide there services. Since there is no rate set by the website, you have a wider price range.

Services offered:

Psychics available in all categories

Customer reviews sounds positive

Most psychics offer phone and chat or email options

New customers receive a 3 minutes free time

Some of the free websites that provide one question answer about psychic results through email. Let’s discuss about them to know their procedure and how helpful it is to the consumer. offers free email psychic. The site asks for your name and email and then you receive an email in 5 minutes. The common question that keeps showing on the website is your most burning question. This is something that everyone will definitely have. So, you’ll need to ask one question to the Psyhics and you get a response through an e-mail.

The service is easy to use. However, the psychics clearly mentioned on the website, if you don’t believe, don’t ask which is straightforward and better. is a free psychic website that has helped many people better their lives. When we check on user reviews and the website overall, you do get that feeling about the answers maybe a possibility and impact on their lives. Many categories like love reading, tarot cards, career reading, fortune telling, dream analysis/interpretation have been differentiated to make it more user friendly.

The website has enormous information and you may need not consult a psychic since, you could find you are looking for., another psychic related website which offers free email services for their psychic readings.

A step by direction is self explanatory on the website to guide to what you need to do. A clairvoyant medium, Meryem has been an effective Psychic as per the customer feedback and reviews on her website. There are some negative feedback on the site too, but overall it’s really an excellent place to ask psychic advice. is another self helping and free email website. The website looks more astronomical with the background and makes you feel connected to space. Some really good questionnaire is present on the website making it easier for the users to check on the same. Valentina is known as third generation psychic empathy, since her family has been in the same field for 3 generations.


For those who believe, do go through the websites for some interesting scientific facts and figures. I’d recommend to check all the websites before you decide to use any of their services rather than a quick jump to choose one.